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The Edit

By Elise  The Edit

The Treasured Gem

Pearls are officially back and trendier than ever! Personally I don’t think pearls are ever out of fashion, but then I’m biased. We’re talking classic pearls, baroque pearls and everything in-between. Mix and match them, adding interest and texture, and layer them up like Chanel – the more the merrier.


Although some might think of them as conservative or classic, you can actually wear pearls with a modern twist. They are incredibly flattering, they lighten up any look and go well with all styles.  You will keep wearing them for much longer because the classic pearls are timeless. 

The Crown

I was a huge fan of Princess Diana. I fell in love with her and watched her evolve from a very young self-conscious Sloane into a style icon.  She was on the cover of Hello every week and I bought it religiously. With the new series of The Crown – I hope they will be able to portray some of her effortless style and beauty. And do her justice.

Colour Blocking

The quickest way to get noticed is to colour clash. This is the art of mixing together unexpected shades of block colour. There was a saying “red and green should never be seen”, but those days are gone. My personal favourite is hot pink and orange.


Colour-blocking is taking colours that are opposites on the colour wheel. Put together they create interesting and colour combinations that can spice up your wardrobe.  A tip is to use darker shades to disguise areas you don’t want to draw attention to and slimming stripes to create a column of colour giving an elongating effect.

Woman’s Weekly

What a nice surprise it was when I was stopped and asked to describe my style and be photographed for Woman’s Weekly.

This was a few weeks ago when shopping was easy and we didn’t realise where we would be now.

I was very touched to be asked and seeing this has brightened my day. I’ve always been addicted to magazines and so being in one is a bonus.

They will always be one of my five a day!




Cowboy Chic

Cowboy boots, wide brimmed hats and fringed jackets are nothing else but Western style. This season they’re making a comeback on the high street. I’ve had mine for a long time and they’re now seeing light of day again. These are pink with embroidered flowers and crystals. The best Cowboy boots are those with a lot of detail allowing your feet to do all the talking.

They are your wardrobe staple for 2020.