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The Edit

By Elise  The Edit

Fabulous Faux Fur

One coat that everyone needs is a faux fur. They can be a great fun item in your wardrobe. A hot look with the designers, the high street has followed suit and there are many to choose from. You can now find them in bright colours, stripes, animal print, spots… virtually everything. They can be very versatile and take you everywhere. Short or long they will make you feel like you’re in a soft glamorous fluffy cloud. This is a fab colour and style by Tom Ford. A real winner.

Layer It, Style It

I love layering my jewellery but it’s important to follow a few tips so your jewellery can make the best impact. The main point is to space the jewellery so that it doesn’t look cluttered or start to get all knotted up together. You want each piece to be seen without overshadowing the other. I have mixed here a bold shorter necklace with a big freshwater pearl and then a long chain. This means the eye sees the shorter necklace and then the long necklace draws the eye down and elongates your look. You can mix metals, classic pearls with vintage, whatever style suits you and your personality.

The Yin and the Yang

Deliciously tactile chain necklace – it packs a punch but the bonus is that it is so light you hardly know you are wearing it. On trend with the move to Industrial Jewellery“ its big and bold but not lacking in style or glamour. Don’t be wary of teaming it with statement earrings. I love my Tutti Frutti drops that tone with everything and like Yin and Yang come together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

By Elise and Out of Africa

One of my favourite films. The breathtaking scenery, the incredible acting and the beautiful relationships within the film. It magically transports you to another time. My new By Elise chain necklace range in chocolate and cream resin just brought Safari Chic to my mind. Beguiling Ava Gardner in Mogambob who managed to overshadow Grace Kelly! Ralph Lauren’s elegant safari dress – I love it – I need one!

By Elise Starfish

Three times now
When I have sought solace in solitude
Over the headland on the rocky shore
I have displaced my insistent inner voice
With a simple quest
I will find a Starfish