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By Elise  The Edit (Page 2)

Nostalgic Chic

This beautiful shirt dress from Zara is made with a beautiful evocative fabric. A vibrant fifties watercolour that makes us think of glamorous times. Wear it in any way you want – sneakers, heels, over a bikini, with jeans – endless ways. The colours are so fab that you can put almost any By Elise jewellery with it – make it your own.

Stack Them Up!

Remember “layering” is no longer just for your clothes. My Instagram image shows how designer jewellery with stackable bracelets, designer necklaces and designer earrings are back in fashion. Combining metals, gemstones and pearls works just as well with bracelets as it does with rings and necklaces. Your look can go from the glamorous to the bohemian. Plus now we’re on our phones the whole time our wrists are always on view. Be adventurous and show them off!

Beautiful Tahitian Pearls

Beautiful Tahitian pearls conjure up thoughts of the deep blue tropical waters of the islands of Tahiti and the men who go to great lengths to uncover them from the black lip oyster. The Tahitian pearl is a chamelean of rainbow colours. They can be peacock, green, black green, blue, parchment and grey. Pearls are said to have a soothing influence and promote peacefulness. They have a way of lifting our spirits with their lustrous purity. They symbolise the loyalty and integrity of the wearer.

I Love Embroidery

I’m addicted to anything embellished. I love this silk shirt by Anthropologie with its detailed embroidery. It is a classic staple which you can wear with black or your jeans and heels. Of course I’m never without pearls and both these earrings can add the finishing touch. Who doesn’t love Gucci and this handbag is a fab statement if you have the budget! By the way the pretty Hummingbird is a watercolour my mother painted when we lived abroad.

Passion for Handbags

Handbags are as personal as jewellery. I don’t know what you think but they aren’t only a great place to keep your everyday vital necessities. They reflect how you are feeling on a particular day and what journey you are taking it on.

Anya Hindmarch says “A woman’s relationship with her handbag is tribal!” They will signify your style, your tribe, your character, your mood and even your wild side. Remember you cannot have enough handbags. Thoughts to elise@byelise.com.