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Jewellery Care and Rethreading

By Elise  Jewellery Care and Rethreading

Rethreading Service

We are delighted to offer a full stringing and knotting service for your pearls. Prices will vary according to complexity and length but as a guide a single strand measuring between 18ins and 22ins will cost about £45 excluding secure postage.

In the first instance please contact our office on +44 (0) 1653 694932 or

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Care of Pearls

The pearl jewellery we wear today are mostly cultured pearls, their existence initiated by humans who insert a bead or grain of sand into an oyster or clam. It then coats the foreign object with nacre which is the patina that gives the pearls its unique lustrous appearance. The depth of the nacre depends on how long the bead was left in and the water it lives in before it is removed. The thickness of the nacre increases the quality of the pearl. Most freshwater pearls have a very thick nacre. Making pearls perfect was not Mother Nature’s aim – surface imperfections are part of a pearl’s natural texture and proof of the pearl’s genuineness.

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Handle Pearls With Care

Pearls must be handled carefully to keep them in the best condition.

  • Always put them on after your make-up and perfume.
  • Remove pearl rings before you apply body creams and take off any pearl jewellery before bathing.
  • Wipe your pearls with a dampened cloth when you take them off and before putting them away in order to give them a ‘moisture boost’.
  • Never clean your pearls with solutions that contain ammonia or harsh detergents.
  • Don’t put pearl jewellery in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets should be re-strung periodically, especially if you wear them regularly, so that the silk they are on remains strong.
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Storing Pearls

Don’t store your pearls with other jewellery – they may scratch easily when rubbed against metal or gemstones. Keep them in a soft bag or pouch away from direct heat or sunlight.

Most of all – wear your pearls and enjoy them!