How To Wear Elise Jewellery

Designing Your Own

You will see that many of the necklaces Elise has designed in the Gemstone Collection or in the Pearl Gallery have her trademark clasp which offers you the opportunity to change the look of your necklace to suit your mood, outfit or occasion. As a designer Elise wants her customers to have the maximum versatility so that you can enjoy your necklace on many occasions.

Necklaces and Pendants

For example this stunning pearl necklace with amethyst stones, gold and white freshwater pearls with large dramatic chunks of amber. It can be worn either with a pendant, without a pendant with the attractive silver clasp to the side of the neck so that it can be a feature of the necklace or, if preferred, to the back of the neck. This makes it look good inside shirts or for a more informal look.

Pictured below are three different pendants which alter the look and feel of the same necklace. With the amber pendant it is a more contemporary look or you could attach the large silver heart for a classic and funky day look which compliments the silver clasp. Alternatively, teamed with a beautifully facetted amethyst that catches the light, the necklace then looks very glamorous.

Necklace and Pendant Combinations

It is important therefore that you look at all the pendants, not only in our Pendant section, but in the Gemstone Collection and Pearl Gallery to see what other combinations you might like.

Necklace Lengths

Choker length is from 14 to 16 inches (34cm-41cm). This is a classic and versatile length which is appropriate from casual to eveningwear and complements most necklines. The perfect length to add subtle elegance to workwear for example with a collared shirt.

Princess Length is from 17 to 19 inches (43-48cm). This is the most common length of necklaces suited for crew and high necklines. It also complements a low plunging neckline as most people like a necklace of around 18 inches.

Matinee Length is 20 to 25 inches (51cm-63cm) is an ideal choice for casual or business attire. It suits high necklines and can add sophistication to a professional look.

Opera Length is 26 to 36 inches (66cm – 91cm) and offers many options. It can be worn as a single strand or doubled to create a two strand choker. It can be knotted at the neckline or above the bust to create a stylish look with kaftans to give a fresh cutting edge fashion statement.

Pearl Rope is 37 inches or longer and this can be either be one long string or several put together to create a stunning look. Add a big pendant and creates an on-trend look with the classic little black dress.

Personal Commissions

Elise is delighted to create any item to a customers own design and to work with them to achieve the desired result.

Contact Us

If you wish to contact us to discuss any of your choices please call +44 (0) 1653 694932 where we will be more than happy to help and advise.

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