The Yin and the Yang

17/07/2018 by Elise Compson

Jewellery: Pearls, Stones and Metal

Deliciously tactile chain necklace – it packs a punch but the bonus is that it is so light you hardly know you are wearing it. On trend with the move to Industrial Jewellery“ its big and bold but not lacking in style or glamour. Don't be wary of teaming it with statement earrings. I love my Tutti Frutti drops that tone with everything and like Yin and Yang come together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

By Elise and Out of Africa

02/07/2018 by Elise Compson


One of my favourite films. The breathtaking scenery, the incredible acting and the beautiful relationships within the film. It magically transports you to another time. My new By Elise chain necklace range in chocolate and cream resin just brought Safari Chic to my mind. Beguiling Ava Gardner in Mogambob who managed to overshadow Grace Kelly! Ralph Lauren's elegant safari dress – I love it – I need one!

By Elise Starfish

30/06/2018 by Alan McLure

Jewellery: Pearls, Stones and Metal

"Three times now
When I have sought solace in solitude
Over the headland on the rocky shore
I have displaced my insistent inner voice
With a simple quest
I will find a Starfish “

Chelsea Butterfly

23/05/2018 by Elise Compson

Jewellery: Pearls, Stones and Metal

The perfect brooch for Chelsea Week. You can either wear it on your jacket, pin it on your dress or add it to freshwater pearls and create your own unique necklace. It can be modern or vintage – however you decide – your little sparkly friend is bound to get noticed.

Nostalgic Chic

14/05/2018 by Elise Compson


This beautiful shirt dress from Zara is made with a beautiful evocative fabric. A vibrant fifties watercolour that makes us think of glamorous times. Wear it in any way you want – sneakers, heels, over a bikini, with jeans – endless ways. The colours are so fab that you can put almost any By Elise jewellery with it – make it your own.

Stack Them Up!

14/03/2018 by Elise Compson

Jewellery: Pearls, Stones and Metal

Remember "layering" is no longer just for your clothes. My Instagram image shows how designer jewellery with stackable bracelets, designer necklaces and designer earrings are back in fashion. Combining metals, gemstones and pearls works just as well with bracelets as it does with rings and necklaces. Your look can go from the glamorous to the bohemian. Plus now we're on our phones the whole time our wrists are always on view. Be adventurous and show them off!

Gold Rush

06/03/2018 by Elise Compson

Gold Rush and South Sea pearls

I'm channelling gold... daydreaming of sumptuous furnishings and oppulent interiors during this dull weather. The color gold is the shade of achievement, accomplishment and triumph and also connected with wealth and success. These divine gold South Sea pearls give you the same wonderful feeling and teamed with my 'Bishops Hat' earrings you have your own gold rush.

Beautiful Tahitian Pearls

02/03/2018 by Elise Compson

Tahitian Pearls

Beautiful Tahitian pearls conjure up thoughts of the deep blue tropical waters of the islands of Tahiti and the men who go to great lengths to uncover them from the black lip oyster. The Tahitian pearl is a chamelean of rainbow colours. They can be peacock, green, black green, blue, parchment and grey. Pearls are said to have a soothing influence and promote peacefulness. They have a way of lifting our spirits with their lustrous purity. They symbolise the loyalty and integrity of the wearer.

I Love Embroidery

16/02/2018 by Elise Compson

Silk Shirt by Anthropologie

I'm addicted to anything embellished. I love this silk shirt by Anthropologie with its detailed embroidery. It is a classic staple which you can wear with black or your jeans and heels. Of course I'm never without pearls and both these earrings can add the finishing touch. Who doesn't love Gucci and this handbag is a fab statement if you have the budget! By the way the pretty Hummingbird is a watercolour my mother painted when we lived abroad.

The Post. A Great Movie

07/02/2018 by Elise Compson

The Post. A Great Movie

Just seen The Post. What a fantastic movie. Once again Meryl Streep excels herself playing Katherine Graham, first ever publisher of an American newspaper. It's an amazing performance showing how Graham found her voice and strength to change American history. In the pivotal scene Streep is wearing the most divine kaftan exuding wonderful '70's glamour... it just needed a By Elise multi-gem necklace to complete the look. Thoughts to elise @ byelise.com

Passion for Handbags

07/02/2018 by Elise Compson

Passion for Handbags

Handbags are as personal as jewellery. I don't know what you think but they aren't only a great place to keep your everyday vital necessities. They reflect how you are feeling on a particular day and what journey you are taking it on.

Anya Hindmarch says "A woman's relationship with her handbag is tribal!" They will signify your style, your tribe, your character, your mood and even your wild side. Remember you cannot have enough handbags. Thoughts to elise @ byelise.com

Cool Girls Wear Pearls

22/01/2018 by Elise Compson

Pearl earrings by Elise

Whatever the shape and style pearl earrings are a "must have" accessory. A natural jewel that captures light and makes us feel good: day or night, casual or glamorous.

See our latest range of pearl earrings here.

Japanese Jewellery

08/01/2018 by Elise Compson

Japanese Jewellery

There was no tradition in Japanese culture of jewellery as we know it. The Kimono was so opulent it needed no extra adornment apart from haircombs and pins heavily ornate with blossoms as worn by the Geishas.

The pearl is a quintessentially Japanese gem and was prized for centuries as a national treasure but it was not worn as a jewel. It was Kokichi Mikimoto in 1893 who changed the course of jewellery history when he cultivated the first Akoya pearl and made pearls into jewellery. Mikimoto pearls are now considered some of the finest in the world.


Nini Ricci Couture Jewellery

13/12/2017 by Elise Compson

I've always loved vintage couture jewellery and have recently got back into finding pieces here and there.


This is my latest: a Nina Ricci designer jewellery brooch from the 1960's studded with a fabulous array of crystals. It's a statement brooch and I love it. The model is wearing an amazing Nina Ricci dress from the same time. You'd think it was taken last week.

Leopard Print Wins Again

12/12/2017 by Elise Compson

Coat: A Leopard Skin Print

I absolutely adore leopard print and am always drawn to it but here has always been a debate about it. Is it too much or can it actually be a neutral fashion statement? In my book it's neutral and it's a timeless and glamorous print that you can incorporate into everyday life - day to night. Over the years I have always had a little bit of leopard print in my life whether in the form of boots, shirts, belts, underwear or make-up bags! Now I have succumbed to the leopard coat from Primark - the sleek long line is a winner and takes me from day to night.

It wasn't really until the 1920s that animal print became a real wearable statement pattern. And in 1947 after the Christian Dior show it became a more universal trend. They were the first fashion house to use leopard as a print and not an actual fur, setting the foundations for leopard to become a timeless fashion staple that would be used to exhibit style and elegance for years to come.

Dress it down or dress it up? Just wear it!

My Sweater From Zara

23-11-2017 by Elise Compson

I am a pearl girl

We all know I am a pearl girl and so you can imagine how delighted I was to see that this season pearls are where it's at! Apart from draped around our necks, wrapped around our wrists and highlighting us from our ears they are now precious embellishments on what we wear. This sweater from Zara was a must for me. A bit of glamour with your jeans - take you anywhere. Of course I still have my pearl and gold ball earrings on as well - it wouldn't be me without them.


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